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CodeDevils aims to provide ASU students with an organization designed to encourage and promote involvement in coding projects and competitions through an exclusively online setting.

Our Organzation's History

CodeDevils was found in 2016 as a fully-virtual student organization. We pride ourselves in giving our members the tools needed to be successful in their cirriculum and have a competitive edge in the industry after graduating.

CodeDevils isn't your traditional club; we are one of ASU's first organizations that caters to online students. We aim to further ASU's mission to maintaining the lead in innovation by successfully organizing and cultivating a rich student community existing exclusively online. Meetings, projects, guest speakers, and competitions are all organized and conducted virtually. Although we utilizes exclusively digital forms of communication to involve members and foster interaction, we do welcome all ASU students regardless of how you attend.

We offer unique opportunities for all ASU students interested in software development and tech in general. Those opportunities include exclusive workshops with industry insiders, guest speakers from big name companies and prestigious institutions, weekly HackerRank challenges, online hackathons, and the opportunity to collaborate on resume-worthy projects (as well as weekly study sessions with fun and nerdy study breaks!)

  • Project Based

    CodeDevils is all about hands-on learning through projects. Dive into coding challenges and real-world applications to boost your skills. Join a collaborative space where creativity, problem-solving, and teamwork thrive. Elevate your tech expertise with practical experience at CodeDevils.

  • Free Courses

    CodeDevils offers free courses for members to upskill or learn new software development abilities. Accessible to all skill levels, our diverse range of courses ensures everyone can enhance their expertise without any cost. Join us to empower your software development journey at no expense.

  • Networking Opportunities

    Unlock exceptional networking opportunities with CodeDevils! Our platform not only enhances your visibility to recruiters but also provides exclusive company sponsorships. Join our vast community to connect with industry professionals, opening doors to career growth and valuable connections. Elevate your professional presence and seize networking opportunities that CodeDevils uniquely offers, propelling your career to new heights.

  • Community

    Welcome to CodeDevils, where our vibrant community thrives on inclusivity! Everyone is welcome to join our diverse and supportive club. Whether you're a seasoned coder or just starting out, our inclusive atmosphere fosters collaboration and shared learning. At CodeDevils, we believe in the strength of unity, and together, we create an environment that values every individual. Join our community to experience the warmth of inclusivity as we learn and grow together in the world of coding.

Our Online Community

Discord Community

CodeDevils has established a thriving online community through our dedicated Discord server. This digital space serves as the heart of our interconnected ecosystem, where members converge to access a multitude of resources and engage with fellow enthusiasts. By joining our Discord server, you unlock a gateway to a wealth of knowledge and opportunities for collaboration. Seamlessly bridging the gap between members, our voice channels host engaging workshops and meetings, allowing real-time interactions and discussions. This online hub is not just a platform; it's a dynamic space where the CodeDevils community comes alive, fostering connections, knowledge sharing, and collective growth. Elevate your CodeDevils experience by joining our Discord community and staying seamlessly connected with our vibrant network.

Our Projects

A huge part of CodeDevils is our projects. We are pround to offer members a variety of open source projects to help them grow their skills. Check out some of our on-going and past projects.

Want to join one of our projects? Become a member of CodeDevils Discord server and get access to our projects and resources to help grow your skills.

Have a project idea? Submit a proposal to officer board through these steps and get our sponsorship. We provide assistance and insight to help you develop your project and make it a reality.